They come from Eustachian

Let us make it clear, Eustachian consists of 2 people, one being Tony Welter, the other John Roche. It is pretty well known the duo hasn’t performed much together in the last few years, and when they do, fire comes raining down from the sky. You gotta be careful with stuff like that, it usually upsets the forces and balance of planet Earth…

However, Roche, the great performer that he is, does not perform or tour with Tony very often, which leaves Tony to tour much on his own or roam around Europe with likeminded producers such as Sgure, The Teknoist or Sickboy. Through the years Tony had to establish his solo career since the name Eustachian stands for both of them, so he founded the DJ Skull Vomit / Singaya project. Where lies the difference, and why has he got 2 names at once one might wonder? It’s pretty simple. Both projects are heavily metal influenced, only one is more dubstep [Singaya] , the other more… ‘spastic’ and straight forward [DJ Skull Vomit]

Having released a killer debut release for CockRockDisco‘s free releases, there’s more Skull Vomit surfacing for us to enjoy, share and get a woody! We have selected 2 recently released tunes, one being a remix by Stazma The Junglechrist, the other a brand new tune of Singaya.

Singaya – bifurcation

DJ Skull Vomit – Anamalech (Stazma The Junglechrist Remix)

And let it be clear, if you haven’t downloaded the amazing Eustachian album and the killer remix album, you are seriously missing out. Grab ‘m both here, for Free!


remix album:



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