NMDB, Japanese breakcore in it’s finest hour.

“During one of my many visits to Japan I had been intrigued by many local producers who I played shows with… One of those dudes was the young Kenji Kamura aka Numb’n’dub aka NMDB aka DJ Monogotz, who I’ve played with in Osaka. Not only is he one of the most exciting and energetic kids I ever met, his sounds live up to the expectations and blew me away from the first moment. So I decided to contact him again for a feature on our new BGMW blog and he send me a ton of excitement and links to his latest productions via SoundCloud.”

3 songs to warm you up, make you wet and give you wood. Let’s break it down.

First tune: Do You Wanna Get A Hooligan High. Oh the Japanese and their song titles. You surely get a hooligan-high with this tune. Almost dubstep but way cooler then the usual shit. Oh yes… Don’t skip. It speeds up by the end and takes on rather epic proportions.

Second tune: I like Ur Heartlessness (NMDB lov the word alive Breakcore remix) Outstanding jam. You can hear his J-pop influence in this one, yet it samples some metal band chorus, combined with crispy breakcore cuts. Yes kids, this is the real deal, ultimate jam of crazy tempo shifts. Breakcore to make the hair on your arms, neck and back rise!

Third tune: Brutal fate slay your motivation (no vocal demo version) Scratching his way into some crazy chopped up madness, this is how good Osaka breakcore is made. Dancehall madness that turns into stomping hardcore breakcore, booyakasha!

Keep and eye on this kid, check out his complete SoundCloud, MySpace profiles and send him a message on Twitter!



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